Just Chuckin’ Around…

This morning we looked out the window and saw snow flurries. Quite a departure from last week, huh? I know, I know, April weather is unpredictable across the board, and in Chicago it can mean tornadoes, hail, snow, or 75 degree weather. Ah well. That’s why we don’t plant the plants outside ’till May, right?

Last week, we had a good time discovering some of the perennials at the new place. Here are some of the unexpected treasures we found around the yard:

April 21 007

Pussy willows – a big hit with the kid.

April 21 005

There are a few bulbs that are still blooming after who knows how many years!

April 21 003

Succulent ground cover – mmmmmm……

The greatest treasure of all, though, is the fat woodchuck who has been burrowing in the basement since it came out of hibernation last week. Apparently, they climb trees in order to “survey their surroundings”. This one looks pretty satisfied, I must say. Hope it likes to travel, because this week it’ll be relocating to the woods behind the pond.

April 21 008

Woodchucks are also called “whistle pigs” due to the whistling sound they make when alarmed. And, I guess, their plumpness?

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