For our CSA members: We’ve tried to compile all the important information about being a Midnight Sun Farm CSA member here. Is there something we missed? Please let us know!


If you ever have questions or concerns, or if there is ever a problem with delivery, please contact us! On delivery days, please call us directly at (708)-275-9301 (Becky) or (815)-354-3227 (Nick). During the week, you can call or email us at We want to know if something is not quite right, so please don’t hesitate to write or call!

Boxes and Egg Cartons

We count on getting our wax boxes back from you! They can be tricky to open and break down, so please watch this short video tutorial on handling wax boxes:!. You are welcome to tote your produce home in your box, as long as you bring it back to your drop site the next week.

We can accept clean, dry, used egg cartons and used plant pots as well. Please feel free to leave these items at your drop site, preferably in the egg cooler or in a bag.

Changing Your Drop Location

You are welcome to change your drop location permanently at any time, or to switch for a week or two if your schedule requires it. Please let us know by Monday of the week you need to switch.

Buying Extra Eggs

You can order eggs on a week-by-week basis through our online store. Please make sure to specify in the order notes the date you would like them delivered. You will be prompted to choose your drop location when you place your order.

Picking up at Market

We will be attending two markets this year:  The Oak Park Farmers Market (Saturdays, 7 am – 1 pm), and the Glenwood Sunday Market (Sundays, 9 am – 2 pm). You are welcome to have your share delivered to any of these markets. When you come get your share at market, you will have the option of swapping items from your box with whatever is available on the market table. If you would like to come to market to have your share delivered, please let us know by Monday of the week you would like to do so.

Storing your Produce/Food Safety

Generally, the best way to store greens and leafy things is in the fridge, in some kind of plastic bag or container. Since we try to keep our packaging to a minimum, sometimes you will receive items that need to go in a bag before they go in your fridge. All of the bags you will get from us are compostable, but can be reused at home. When an item has special storage requirements, we’ll let you know.

It is best to eat your produce within the week, since vegetables are the most healthful and delicious when they are fresh.

Please wash all your produce! We rinse most of our veggies before packing them, but you should always wash them again, preferably right before you cook with them or prepare them. If the vegetable will hold up to scrubbing, do that; otherwise it is sufficient to run the vegetable under water and then shake or spin dry.

What Do I Do With All These Vegetables?

We wholeheartedly believe in your ability to cook and enjoy all of the produce you will be getting form us. We include preparation tips and recipe ideas in each weekly newsletter, and try to offer realistic advice about how to best use your vegetables. We are even working on an online veggie encyclopedia that will make all this information more accessible.

However, we understand that, sometimes, you just might draw a blank, be buried under mountains of greens, or just need a new perspective on cooking. If that is the case, please feel free to reach out to us at We’ll write back with recipe ideas for whatever vegetable is stumping you.