Kim and Audra in the field

Worker Share members work one 4-hour shift every week in exchange for a single CSA share. Worker Share members work together with us, the farmers, to complete day-to-day tasks on the farm such as weeding, planting, harvesting, washing, and packing produce.  In addition to getting a CSA share, worker shares will get to know us (the farmers) and the farm better, and learn about many aspects of organic vegetable production.

There are many reasons that we like the idea of worker shares:

  • we want to give our members the opportunity to be more closely involved with the farm,
  • we want to share our knowledge about organic farming,
  • we want to provide CSA membership opportunities to a wider sector of our community,
  • we want to build meaningful connections with people in our community.

We have found previous year’s Worker Share experience to be energizing, motivating, and enriching. We got the opportunity to work with a number of amazing people, and were continually impressed with the enthusiasm that our Worker Share members brought to the farm. We are very excited to continue the program this year.

Please send us an email at to find out more about our worker share program.



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