The Sunny Side – Week of 6/22/14

The Sunny Side – Week of 6/22/14

In this week’s box you will find:

box week 4

  • Green Garlic (loose stalks)
  • Baby Leeks (bunch)
  • Kohlrabi
  • Fennel
  • Collards
  • Beets (Thursday box)
  • Lettuce mix (Thursday box)
  • Broccoli (Thursday box)
  • Bok Choi (Sunday box)
  • Romaine Lettuce (Sunday Box)

In the Field

I grew up in Chicago, and one of my favorite things about the summer has always been the thunderstorms. My father and I loved to stand on the porch in the evenings and watch the clouds roll in. Nick’s experience with rain is more along the lines of the steady, gray rain of the Pacific Northwest, but he has been in the Midwest long enough to appreciate our lively summertime weather. It’s a good thing we both like the storms, because we’ve had rain, thunder and lightening almost every day this week!

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