Free-Range Eggs

How do we raise our chickens?

Our chickens are housed in a large barn adjacent to a fenced-in pasture and wood lot. The birds are free to roam during the day, and can come inside the barn for access to their nest boxes. At night, they are safely shut into the barn.  Our hens are fed a locally-sourced, conventionally grown grain ration that includes corn, soy, and various macro- and micronutrients. They also eat grass, bugs, worms, seeds, apples, excess produce from our farm fields, and whatever else they can chase or track down in the fields and the forest.

Why do we raise our chickens like this?

There are two reasons that we make the effort to raise free-range chickens. First, chickens that get out into the sun and forage on whatever they can find make tasty eggs. The egg yolks are a rich orange color, and the taste is wonderful and very distinct, even from organic or free-range eggs that you find at the grocery store. Second, we feel that we have a commitment to help our chickens live good lives. To us, this means allowing them to express as much of their natural behavior as possible, and allowing them the freedom to choose where to go and when to eat, drink, and lay eggs.

How do I purchase eggs from your farm?

Eggs will be available for again starting in late spring 2022. Email us if you are interested in coming by!