Pretty as a Picture in August

August certainly does creep up on you, huh? Just yesterday we were planting the pepper plants, and now here they are! A lovely conversation yesterday reminded me that I need to post some photographic updates as to what has been going on up here. Well, here you go! I will try to share more frequently from here on out.
The news on the farm is that things are growing wonderfully, the tomatoes are going to be ON in about a week, and we’d love a little rain. Markets have been such a joy this year – we love it when folks come out and say hello! Lots to do this time of year, we’ll plant a little today and do some office catch-up (hence the post). Happy summer to you all and hope everyone is well!
july 22 004 (640x480)

Ray enjoys an apple and Nick enjoys holding Ray.

july 22 009 (480x640)

This is where the wash-pack magic happens this year.

aug 5th 010 (480x640)

Nick is working hard.

ray beet

Ray thinks he is working hard.

july 29th 007 (480x640)

Okra flowers and plants are gorgeous.

july 22 015 (640x480)

We have so many daddy long legs up here!

apple ray

Apples for all.