In addition to growing organic vegetables, we raise pastured turkeys at Midnight Sun Farm. Our turkeys are available starting the first week of November and make fantastic Thanksgiving or Christmas birds. They average 15-20 pounds. Turkeys will be available beginning the two weeks prior to Thanksgiving.

What is pastured poultry?

The term “pastured” describes poultry that has been raised on a grassy, open area. Our laying hens and turkeys range freely in an enclosed pasture, allowing the birds to peck and graze for live grasses and bugs. The pasture is rotated as needed to provide the birds access to fresh forage. Our birds are fed a grain ration that is free of antibiotics.

Pastured poultry offers an alternative to the confinement-raised poultry typically available in grocery stores.  It is a healthy choice for your family, both because our birds eat high-quality, organic food and green forage, and because free-range birds develop the most nutritionally dense meat available.  It is also a conscientious choice for those concerned with animal welfare. Finally, who can beat being able to visit the farm and meet the farmer who raises your turkeys?

For information on how to buy our turkeys, please contact us!

If you have any questions about our birds, how they are raised, how they are slaughtered, or anything else, please feel free to call or email us.

Poultry work-trade

We process our turkeys on-farm in late October and November. Processing takes a substantial amount of work that is made easier by many hands. In the past, we have traded or discounted poultry purchases in exchange for help during processing. If you would be interested in making an exchange of work for food, please contact us so we can talk more about what the process entails.